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It's impossible to visit Italy just once and not want to return. There always remains a memory just out of reach, a desire to gaze upon a new landscape, to savor another food or to admire that sculpture you didn't manage to see on your last trip. Italy is a land of artists who have left their mark for the world to admire.

Italy is characterized by its rich diversity, whether artistic or geographic. From the green landscapes of the north to the Mediterranean flavor of Sicily, Italy never ceases to amaze the recurrent traveler.

In Rome, cradle of civilizations, you can take a break from visiting spectacular monuments to sip on an espresso next to the Spanish steps. Rome is not just monuments, however; it also enjoys a thriving life on the streets with numerous cafes around every corner and a varied cultural scene.

Art lovers will find paradise in the magic city of Florence, where you'll find traces of Dante and Michelangelo scattered about an incomparable setting.

Enjoy beautiful arias at the famous La Scala opera house or, if you're a shopaholic, delight in the hundreds of luxury boutiques in the city of Milan, the epicenter of Italian fashion.

Apart from these cities, Italy offers unforgettable natural landscapes, from the mountains of the north to the omnipresent light of the island of Sicily. This island is extremely rich in history and places to explore. Italy eagerly awaits the intrepid traveler... pick your itinerary and "a rivederci"!

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