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To travel to Australia is to come into contact with stunning natural beauty and, at the same time, to enjoy all the comforts of modern civilization. Australia is so large and diverse that it's impossible to define by just one of its icons. Its landscape varies from infinitely sunny horizons to tropical forests and the cold beaches of the south. Australian cities combine enthusiasm for art and food as well as a love for sports and outdoor activities.

This distant island holds a wide array of both exotic and familiar landscapes. Even if you've visited other remote places, nothing compares to the sublime isolation of the island's interior with its incredible salt mines and towers of sand and rock. You may have seen wildlife before, but when was the last time you observed a camel among oak trees or a Tazmanian Devil at your campsite? Maybe you've tried delicious seafood, but have you ever eaten a Barramundi Fish or a Moreton Bay Bug (flathead or bay lobster)? In Australia everthing is surprising...

From rainforests to fascinating museums, from attractive, diverse cities to a love for sports, this country is unique. The states and territories of Australia each have their own special characteristics. Dare to discover all of them! You'd have to cover 14,000 km of highways, not counting beach trips, forests, mountains, indigenous towns. Immense, isn't it?

On the other hand, you'll find tons to entertain you even if you don't travel the country. In Sydney, Australia's largest and oldest city, you can revel at the stunningly orginal architectural design of the Opera House. Likewise, the Art Gallery of New South Wales holds the country's oldest and richest collection of Australian art.

Close to the touristic city of Cairns, you can explore the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world. It is about 2,000 kilometers long - so big that it can be seen from outer space! Due to its vast biological diversity, clear waters and easy accessibility, the Reef is a popular destination for underwater aficionados.

In Perth, also known as the City of Lights, you can visit the giant "Underwater World" aquarium and see the beautiful, colorful fish that inhabit this region.

Moreton Island, a spectacular attraction for nature lovers, is located right by the modern and futuristic city of Brisbane. This island is a natural barrier where you can observe sea turtles or whales during their yearly migration to deserted beaches. It's also a surfer's paradise! What more could you hope for?

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