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Western cultures have always been drawn to and fascinated by China. Just saying its name evokes an enigmatic, mysterious sensation. Despite ever more frequent cultural, media and economic exchanges with the rest of the world, China continues to be a mysterious land with millions of years of history, capable of captivating any visitor.

Nowadays, our western culture is infused with many traces of Chinese culture. Who hasn't heard of Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Taoism or Traditional Chinese Medicine? China is so much more than these elements, a country impossible to depict with one brush stroke. The subtleties and delicate nature of Chinese calligraphy, works of art and life philosophy contrast with its emminent economic boom and the bustle of daily life... The absolute silence of nature faced with the dynamic urban life of the most highly populated country on the planet.

China's magic pervades its immense geography, from the most remote towns that still preserve ancient traditions to the Earth's most crowded cities that are constantly adapting to the modern world.

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