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Brazil occupies roughly half of South America. It's the largest country of the Southern Cone and the fifth largest country after Russia, China, Canada and the USA. It is bordered to the north by Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana; to the northeast by the Atlantic Ocean; to the south by Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay; and to the west by Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru. That is to say that it shares borders with practically all the countries forming the Southern Cone, with the exceptions of Chile and Ecuador.

Brasil isn't just a country but rather an immense cultural mosaic formed by numerous ethnic groups. A reality with the dimensions of a universe.

The terms used to define Brazil range from expressions like "country with exuberant nature" to "the most authentic country", "the country that has suffered from the fever of gold, leather and coffee" and "the country of the Amazon". All of these expressions express truth, but perhaps none are capable of truly defining Brazil.

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