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Gemany: Impetus for Progress and Diversity

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Germany is a country of many faces that presents thousands of attractions both urban and natural... the ideal country for restless travelers eager to discover new landscapes.

For variety and diversity escape to Berlin, the country's capital where history and the most avant-garde tendencies make for an enriching, explosive combination. This cosmopolitan city is the true European center of art and culture these days.

Tübingen is an international city thanks to its student population. You'll find a neverending stream of art exhibits, music festivals and international conferences when you study German here.

Frankfurt is defined by fascinating contrasts: tradition and modernity, commerce and culture, bustle and tranquility. It also hosts huge fairs such as the International Automobile Expo and the International Book Fair.

Romantic types should head to idyllic Heidelberg with its world-famous castle and bohemian Old Town.

Any ancient history buffs out there? Discover the city of Cologne, which has preserved much of its Roman and medieval past in structures like its unparalleled cathedral.

Those interested in classical music won't want to miss Munich and its outdoor orchestral concerts, a combination of class and Italian charm to delight all the senses.

The modern life lovers should consider Hamburg as a destination, a vibrant port town with a lively and diverse city center, the "other Amsterdam" of Europe.

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