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Traces of France's intense, rich history can be felt across all its lands; you'll find the most vanguard events coexisting with a wealth of traditions, all nurtured by the ever-important values of democracy.

French terrain is as diverse its many cities. Nature lovers can kind refuge from the countrysides of Provence to the steep, snowy mountains of the French Alps. Sea lovers can escape to numerous beaches and music lovers will have myriad concerts to attend.

From its famed capital to the smallest, secluded towns, France leaves no visitor indifferent...

Paris is much more than the Eiffel Tower: it brims with with busy, vibrant neighborhoods, concerts and cultural events of all kinds. Its historic monuments stand as proud witnesses to the great artists that have always inhabited Paris and made it the cultural capital of the world. The bohemian traveler will find home in the picturesque Montmartre neighborhood, while romantics can enjoy an enchanting stroll along the Seine River.

For those who prefer to escape city life there's no better place than Nice, the pride of the French Riviera.

Wine aficionados will find their perfect destination in the charming provincial city of Bordeaux.

If you're interested in festivals, head to joyful Montpellier, a city with a medieval past full of university students.

And if you seek relaxation, there's no better place to visit than the thermal baths in Vichy.

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