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Austria, the land of the Alps and its gem, Mont Blanc. The country of Mozart, Wagner, Gustav Klimt and a countless list of other artists that have left a permanent mark on Western culture.

The country that holds Vienna, its capital, a city with years and years of history that has nevertheless adapted gracefully to modernity as time passes. The city of cafes, of the famous Viennese opera and its renowned celebrations.

Vienna is a refined, centuries-old metropolis that continues marching to the beat of classical music and elegant waltzes without, at the same time, compromising tradition for for modernity, all the while adapting itself to the latest and most vanguard tendencies.

This mix of past and present is evident from the oldest and most emblematic monuments like the famous Vienna Opera House to the audacious, daring modern works of native architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Austria is the ideal country for nature lovers as well as for music and art enthusiasts. Ideal for those searching for the traces of history or, on the other hand, for those who want to discover the latest trends. The country of the Blue Danube and the most cutting-edge vanguards.

Welcome to Austria, a setting that's bound to impact you in some shape or form...

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