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South Africa, a land weighed down by its difficult history, is experiencing a touristic renaissance. It's full of suprises from abundant fauna and and spectacular naturaly beauty to sophisticated and vibrant cities. Beach lovers will find a coast that stretches for over 3,000km where, among other activities, you can go whale watching.

In South Africa, you can also visit remote towns where time appears to stand still. Here live ancestral African tribes like the Zulu; venture to share in their customs and traditions. Nature lovers will find true paradise from Kruger park, South Africa's most important and largest, to Kalahari Park, a fascinating spot full of legends and superstitions with vegetation as scarce as it is strange, home to the king of the savanna, the lion.

The cities of South Africa are as fascinating as they are varied. From the idyllic beauty of Cape Town, with its strong Dutch influence, to the "Forest City" of Johannesburg; dynamic Sowet; Pretoria, the "Garden City" and administrative capital; and Durban, a modern spa center on the Indian Ocean, this is a country whose diversity leaves visitors in awe.

Beautiful Cape Town is a must-see destination. The famous Elizabethan explorer, Sir Francis Drake, called the cape the most beautiful in all the circumference of the globe. Its famous Table Mountain, a flat lookout, boasts the most famous views in the world and is a national monument. This mountain, along with the Kistenbosch Botanical Garden and the rest of the peninsula, form one of the world's six Floral Kingdoms. Despite its modest size, it is the most profuse kingdom with about 8,500 plant species, many of which do not exist in any other part of the world.

This is paradise for anyone fascinated with the environment! It would be impossible to simplify such a complex and rich country. South Africa is all this and much more. You'll have to discover it with your own eyes!

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