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England is a country of contrasts, from its bustling, international capital to the most tranquil and secluded spots on the coast.

Despite its gray weather, England's colors are reflected in the diversity of its population. Green natural lanscapes contrast cosmopolitan London, where ancient tea rituals mesh with the most vanguard events and buildings.

Those that enjoy all things off the beaten path should discover London's Hampstead neighborhood, full of famous painters, writers, artists, actors, musicians...

Outside the capital, the cities of Oxford and Cambridge offer world famous historic universities and the highest quality education in the world. One of the many activities to enjoy in Cambridge is the famous annual Oxford-Cambridge regata on the Thames, where you can see the two universities battle for supremacy.

Apart from cosmopolitan cities and historic university towns, England also offers enchanting coastal destinations like Ramsgate, Hastings and Margate where you can enjoy serene, pristine beaches.

Geology lovers will find paradise in Bournemouth, also known as the "Jurassic Coast" for its archeological sites and enormous cliffs.

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