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Japan is a country in Asia formed by an archipelago to the east of Korea and located betwen the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan. Known as the "Land of the Rising Sun", Japan is an economic power with a long history that spans 13 centuries and a very distinct culture.

In Japan, traditional Japanese culture - heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism and Shintoism - coexists with the world's most innovative cultures - as can be seen in things like karaoke and video games.

Another important aspect is the Japanese esthetic, which is most exceptionally represented in the country's architecture, ranging from the Shintoist temples to elaborate castles and delicate houses. A very precise composition is also evident in the Japanese gardens, meticulously planned and maintained.

Another important part of Japanese culture are its traditional performances. The most famous are kabuki - melodramatic and spectacular theatre, and not - formal theatre with masks-. You can see shows in the theatres of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. if you want to experience something truly unique, don't let this opportunity pass you by!

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