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Portugal, located in the most western end of Europe, is a country that successfully harmonizes tradition and diversity. It is an authentic country, yet cosmopolitan at the same time.

Many aspects characterize this nation: its historic castles take us back to Medieval times, the lush vegetation of its fields projects on the visitor a bucholic image that is hard to forget, the wide plazas in the middle of the city and its spectacular sunsets on its soft sand beaches are a call to tranquility. Fado is one of the most idiosincratic musical genres of the country, and produces notes of melancholy. Its exquisite gastronomy, full of marine flavors, is very much appreciated by local and foreign taste. Wherever you go in Portugal, you will always get assorted appetizers accompanied by a good Port wine.

Everyone that has been to Portugal agrees that it is a country in which time seems to flow at a different speed than the rest of the world, and life is quieter, which allows to enjoy every moment with relax. Visit Portugal and escape from the busy routine, feel the charm and friendlines of its people, its breathtaking landscapes and the richness of its culture. Portugal has a lot to offer to you.

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