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General Study Abroad Information

The following study abroad information applies to all of our language courses for adults abroad.



The courses included on these pages are for adults, university students and executives, each program having a fixed minimum age to be able to attend. For the majority of the programs the minimum age is 18, though some programs accept 17-year-old students.

Arrival & Departure

In the majority of the programs (except where otherwise indicated) students will arrive on Sunday and leave on Saturday.

If a student wishes to arrive earlier or leave later, it will depend on availability and the corresponding fees for each additional night should be paid.

Airline Tickets

The airline ticket is NOT included in any of the programs outlined on this website, although the student can request that Enforex take care of it. In this case, Enforex will try to find the best price offered by the chosen Travel Agency for the student. Enforex will act as an intermediary between the Travel Agency and the student.

Under no circumstances will Enforex purchase airline tickets on the Internet, nor will it request tickets that have not been paid for from the travel agency.

Location of the Centers

All of the schools outlined on this website are located in the city center with easy access to accommodation as well as sights of great interest.


All of the courses described on this website take place in prestigious universities or international language schools recognized by official organizations of each country.

The current website includes an ample offering of courses in more than 100 destinations with a wide variety of programs that range from general courses to the study of specific university subjects.

The schools are open all year round, only closing for official holidays and in some cases during the week of Christmas.


The academic centers have a minimum of 6 to 10 levels, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced and professional.

Students will take an obligatory test on the first day in the academic center to determine their appropriate group level. In some schools this test can be taken online, allowing the student to go directly to class on their first day.


Families, residences, shared apartments and hotels are all carefully selected by the director of each center based on strictly established criteria. All options have passed a series of visits to determine whether the family or residence is up to standard for receiving students.

There may be more than one student per family, nevertheless rest assured that no students of the same native language will ever be housed together if not specifically requested.

The majority of residences are run by universities and are almost always located in the city center. In many cases the residences are private, therefore we adhere to their norms and not those of the academic center.

Shared apartments with international students consist of private or double rooms and common living areas, kitchen and bathrooms.

If there is no room in the residences that Enforex includes in this website, the client will be informed of the available alternatives that maintain the same general conditions.

Course without Accommodation

All of the programs have the option of signing up only for the classes for students who wish to handle their accommodation on their own. There is also the possibility of signing up for accommodation for only part of the program's duration.

However, you cannot sign up for accommodation without signing up for a language course as well.


Language certificateAt the end of the course, those students who have attended at least 85% of their classes will recive an Attendance Certificate as well as a Course Diploma detailing the school where the course was taken and the level completed.

Should you need a specific certificate, contact the secretary of the school directly prior to finishing the program.


In all of the programs, students will enjoy the help and supervision of an ENFOREX representative on-site at the school. Before you leave, ENFOREX will provide you with all the necessary documents and contact information for your destination. ENFOREX is open all year round and we welcome all students to come visit us for any help or questions.


Transfer from the airport to the accommodation is only included when specified.

For every program there is an optional transfer and arrival service at an extra cost. Those students that wish to use this service should notify us of the time of arrival, airline and flight number at least one week before the beginning of the course so as to guarantee hte service.


When you pay for a course with ENFOREX, you will also contract an attendance and accident insurance which cannot be separated from the program cost. The insurance is a direct contract between the insurance company and the student who signs up for an Enforex course.

When some of the programs - like those in Australia with a duration of more than 12 weeks - require a local insurance, the student will hold a double policy.

There is also the possibility of contracting a supplementary unlimited health insurance policy, which costs 10€ for Europe and 15€ for the rest of the world. Request more information regarding the general conditions of both insurance policies.


ENFOREX provides all of the documents required by the corresponding embassies in order to fill out the correct visa application and will supervise the filling out of these documents, but in no case will we be responsible for handing in and processing them.

To obtain the documents needed for the visa application for Australia and New Zealand, all course costs must be paid for. Those students that need to apply for a visa and have been denied will have to pay for the administrative fees for each of the academic centers.

Official Holidays

The schools will close on each country and region's official holidays without being obligated to provide any type of reimbursement or compensation for classes missed.

Course Extensions

Students may prolong their program stay as long as they give at least 2 weeks notice. The payment of the extension must be carried out beforehand in our offices. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to extend your stay in the same accommodation.

Final Documentation

Before departure, all students will receive an informative folder stating: name, address, contact person and the school's telephone number, complete accommodation information, confirmation of your application with ENFOREX, the contract and insurance coverage and other complementary documentation.

This packet will be provided once the student has paid the course in full.

Students who do not reside in the Community of Madrid will receive this information either by messenger service (24 hour delivery) or by picking it up in the cities in which we have delegate offices.

Non-Spanish Residents

All of the final documentation will be delivered by a messenger company; the cost of delivery will be determined by the company. Or, if the student so desires, we can also send this documentation by email or fax.

Cancellation Insurance

Students have the option of signing for an additional cancellation insurance, which guarantees the total or partial refund of the course cost. This insurance should be contracted on the same day that students sign up for their chosen program. Enforex will act as an intermediary between the insurance company and the student. The cost of the insurance varies according to the cost of the selected course:

Cancellation insurance
Between 501€ and 1.000€45€
Between 1001€ and 3.000€55€
Between 3.001€ and 6.000€70€
Between 6.001€ and 9.000€105€
Between 9.001€ and 18.000€ 165€

The cancellation insurance also covers the possibility of canceling the course once it has begun.

How to Register

To formally register in any of our programs, students need to hand in the completed Registration Form. Along with this form, a required deposit of 350€ (to be discounted from the total cost) needs to be made.

This payment can be made in any of our branches, either by check made out to Enforex or by a bank deposit or transfer made to the following bank account:

Account Holder: Enforex S.L.
Bank: La Caixa
Account #: 2100 5641 09 0200011513
Observations: Name of the student and name of the course

The remaining costs of the course should be paid at least four weeks prior to arrival.

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