Attend a University Abroad!

Attend a University Abroad!

Study at a University Abroad

Until recently, there were few opportunites to attend a university abroad, but Enforex has formed relationships with many international universities who have opened their doors to students of all nationalities. Now you can take a language course as easily at a private language school as at a prestigious university in the country of your choice!

We work with world-renowned universities such as: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Boston University, the London School of Economics and the Universities of Edinburgh, Dublin, Sorbonne, Grenoble, Provence, Victoria, Sydney...

Attending a university abroad not only allows you to discover a totally different education system; it also presents an unparalleled opportunity for you to improve your cultural fluency by leaps and bounds.


Students will reside on the University Campus. The universities usually have a section of their dormitories and residences reserved for this program and the student will share a room another student of a different nationality. Most rooms are double, but there is the option of electing a single room. Some universities offer a meal plan and in others you have the option of selecting what plan you would like.

Languages at any level. Classes that have traditionally been given at academic centres are now available across the world - you are now able to study English at Harvard, French at the Sorbonne or German in the University of Munich.

These courses are similar to those offered at academic centers but offer all the benefits of studying at a university - being integrated within their system, using university facilities and living with students native to the country.


Students will have at their disposal cultural and sports installations which the university offers. The university will help you apply for a "student card" which allows you access.

Organized excursions will be made directly with the university at value prices, although experience has shown that students tend to get together with friends and organize their own trips and excursions to visit other cities.


The one condition we require is that students adapt according to the dates indicated by the university. Study dates are concrete and difficult to modify. Some courses may require that the student has a certain level of the foreign language.


Arrival and departure transfers between the university and the airport are not usually included in the price. Most of the universities do offer a transfer service which must be contracted before departure and the price of which depends on the university. If you do not require this service, you have the option to take a taxi or use public transportation.


All students will take a level test on the first day of the course in order to place them in the corresponding level and in the case of technical course, determine the level required.


If you have attended 95% of your classes, you will receive an Attendance Certificate.


  • General: the main objective of the course is for the student to improve their knowledge of the language
  • Business: designed for those who require, or will soon require technical understanding relative to business and the economy
  • Juridicial: focussed on the law and related subjects
  • Medical: a specialized course in the ambit of health and medicine
  • Cultural: about the country's culture
  • Official Exams
  • Translation and Interpretation

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