Study Spanish Abroad

Study Spanish Abroad!

Study Spanish Abroad

Alicante, Barcelona, Cadiz, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Pamplona, Salamanca, Seville, Tenerife & Valencia

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico & Peru

ENFOREX "Spanish in the Spanish World" is the world leader in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, with more than 30 academic centers in Spain & Latin America's most emblematic cities.

We are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella and Salamanca, and boast many other recognitions by the most presitigious international organizations.

More than 20,000 students of all ages from over 52 different countries study with us in Spain or Latin America every year!

We have programs available for all ages - from children aged 6 through to courses for mature learners in their 80's!

Our schools our open throughout the year and students may begin their course on any Monday.

Academic Centers
ENFOREX has schools in the most emblematic cities in Spain and Latin America and also offers the possibility of combining cities without any additional cost..
Each of the schools offer large and comfortable classrooms, computer room and students room in addition to libraries of books and videos.

ENFOREX offers 6 Spanish levels throughout the year in over 20 different course options, along with culture lessons, in classes which average 5-6 students (maximum of 10).


  • General Spanish: 10, 20, 20+5, 25+5 classes per week
  • Long Duration Spanish Courses: 12+ weeks
  • Semester or Academic Year in Spain: 20+ weeks
  • Learn Spanish & Travel
  • One to One Classes
  • Christmas Course
  • Spanish + Art History / History /Literature
  • Business Spanish Preparation Course for the Chamber of Commerce Exam
  • Spanish Teachers Course
  • DELE Exam Preparation Course
  • General or Business Spanish + Internship
  • Golden Years Course: Spanish for the over 50's
  • Semester or Academic Year at High School (aged 13+)
  • International residential summercamps or homestays for children and teens aged 5 to 18 with English or Spanish classes, sports, workshops, excursions and cultural activities
  • Customized courses (open or closed) for groups of 8+ students, with special conditions


  • Spanish Host Families: ENFOREX offers homestay accommodation with carefully chosen families. Their homes are 15 to 20 minutes from the schools and are checked by our staff. Students may choose between a single or double room, with half or full board meal plans.
  • Student Residences: Situated in the center of the city about 10 to 15 minutes from the schools and offering a cleaning service. Students may elect to stay in a single, double or triple room on a half or full board basis.
  • Shared Apartments: Centrally located and completely equipped with a full kitchen, washer, lounge and communal areas. Students can choose to stay in a single, double or triple room.

Cultural Activities

All of the ENFOREX academic centers offer a complete program of cultural activities each week, including museum visits, seeing the most emblematic monuments of the city, guided visits and much more. They also organize full day and weekend excursions to different places of interest.

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Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Seville, ValenciaSalamancaCadiz, Tenerife
Intensive + IntensiveIntensive +IntensiveIntensive +Super Intensive
20+5 lessons per week20 lessons per week20+5 lessons per week20 lessons per week20+5 lessons per week30+5 lessons per week
1 week 170€ 150€ 265€ 145€ 190€ 315€
2 weeks 340€ 300€ 530€ 290€ 380€ 630€
3 weeks 495€ 420€ 765€ 405€ 570€ 945€
4 weeks 660€ 560€ 1.020€ 760€ 760€ 1.260€
5 weeks 825€ 700€ 1.275€ 675€ 925€ 1.525€
6 weeks 990€ 840€ 1.530€ 810€ 1.100€ 1.830€
7 weeks 1.155€ 980€ 1.785€ 945€ 1.295€ 2.135€
8 weeks 1.320€ 1.120€ 2.040€ 1.080€ 1.400€ 2.320€
9 weeks 1.485€ 1.260€ 2.295€ 1.215€ 1.575€ 2.610€
10 weeks 1.550€ 1.350€ 2.400€ 1.300€ 1.750€ 2.900€
11 weeks 1.705€1.485€2.640€1.430€1.925€3.080€
12 weeks 1.860€1.620€2.880€1.560€3.240€1.560€
+ extra week 155€ 135€ 240€ 130€ 170€ 270€
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