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An tropical oasis in the midst of a continent of struggling nations, Costa Rica boasts beautiful surroundings, a high quality of life and an atmosphere that draws visitors in the second they arrive.

Nature is undoubtedly one of Costa Rica's top highlights. In addition to soaking up the sun along the postcard-worthy beaches like those of Flamingo Beach, you can enjoy surfing, hiking, watersports and more! Defintely don't pass up the opportunity to explore the lush rainforests, such as those surrounding Monteverde, where your bound to see white-faced monkeys, iguanas, stunning flowers, rare plants and other tropical wonders as you amble through the trails.

One of Costa Rica's most interesting facets is its culture, the result of a veritable hodgepodge of influences. Only about 1% of the country is of indigenous descent, leaving the other 99% comprised of primariyl white and mestizo ethnic groups and with a fair number of black and Chinese minorities.

The Afro-Caribbean culture is ever-present in the country's music, dance and food, lending its colorful cuisine and lively traditions to the more modern influences of a growing economy and infrastructure.

Adding to this land of contrasts and diversity is the juxtaposition of major cities like San José with small and picturesque towns like Heredia. Study abroad in Costa Rica and experience all of this and more!

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