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Argentina has a few unique characteristics that give it an interesting position among its fellow Latin American countries. Not only does it have the continent's second-largest landmass, but its population of 37,000,000 has an ethnic makeup that is quite different from the rest of Latin America. Argentina's inhabitants are largely of European descent- particularly Spanish, German and Italian.

Mestizo and indigenous peoples do comprise a small part of Argentina's population; you can find them primarily in the northern Jujuy province- a region brimming with fascinating archaeological sites, volcanoes, native villages and vast nature reserves.

One aspect guaranteed to catch your attention, especially as you travel, is the rich diversity of Argentina's landscapes.From the plains of the Pampas to the northern deserts, the impressive waterfalls of Iguazú and the rugged peaks of the Andes, there is certainly no shortage of natural wonders to see and explore! As a result, you can partake in all sorts of ecotourism activities- trekking, fishing, snorkeling, skiing and more!

While its colossal size may at first seem daunting, Argentina is surprisingly easy and accessible. The country boasts a great network of transportation, complete with countless local airports and one of the world's best bus systems.

Nature lovers won't be disappointed if they schedule a trip to Bariloche into their travel itinerary. Get your outdoor gear ready and explore snow-capped mountains, glaciers, rivers, crystalline lakes and absolutely stunning scenery.

The capital of Argentina and tango, Buenos Aires is a sprawling metropolis of over 12 million inhabitants. Aside from the ever-passionate art of tango, the city is known for its eclectic atmosphere- part cosmopolitan and part traditional.

After Buenos Aires, Córdoba is Argentina's second-largest city and a major hub of Argentine culture. Founded in 1573, it is known as the country's "colonial capital," as it is home to Argentina's first university and a countless churches and town halls from the colonial era. It's no wonder Córdoba is such a favorite!

Finally, Mendoza, a peaceful city of tree-lined plazas, wide avenues and laid-back sidewalk cafés, couldn't ask for a more spectacular location. The city of 120,000 habitants isituated at the foot of the Andes mountain range, the city is virtually surrounded by mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, natural paths, vineyards and bodegas!

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