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Between the verdant hills of the north to the Mediterranean beaches of the south is a country brimming with history, culture and easy-going inhabitants. Spainoffers virtually everything you could look for in a place to live: good weather, a vibrant social scene, excellent cuisine and much more!

Spain effortless maintains the balance between celebrating its ancient history and welcoming the new and modern. Modern and cutting-edge architecture rubs shoulders with Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance palaces and elegant remains of Roman and Moorish cities. The gypsy art of flamenco is complemented are complemented by the most contemporary music and modern nightclubs, while arenas host top-notch bullfights, soccer teams and concerts!

Culture-vultures can amble through world-class museums, marvel at masterpieces from the greatest Spanish painters and join in festivals of all kinds! While it has every right to brag, Spain remains unpretentious and full of warm, welcoming people ready to show you all that their beautiful country has to offer.

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