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About Pamplona, Spain

While Pamplona - or "Iruña" in Basque - inevitably stirs up images of its annual "Running of the Bulls," there is much more to this small city of roughly 180,000. Pamplona is a beautiful and tranquil city with a high quality of life, a charming atmosphere and internationally renowned cuisine.

Another role that Pamplona plays is as the capital of the Autonomous Community of Navarra, a region bordered by Aragón, La Rioja, the Basque Country and France. This excellent location yields geographical diversity, natural beauty and countless travel options: San Sebastián, the Pyrenees mountains or the vineyards of La Rioja, just to name a few.

As for the city itself, getting around in Pamplona is both easy and enjoyable. Walking from one side to the other takes less than an hour, and the city also boasts an efficient urban bus system.

As you stroll through the streets, you'll come across plenty of museums, monuments and other cultural attractions spanning the city's history, which dates back to before Roman times! Plus, over 20% of the urban landscape is comprised of pedestrian areas and parks. Pamplona is also home to two large universities which lend the city a young, open feel and a vibrant nightlife.

Residents speak little English and the city is still more or less under the tourist radar- outside of the Running of the Bulls festival, that is! These circumstances allow for an excellent opportunity to practice your Spanish skills. While some natives speak the Basque language, it's not all that common out and about on the streets and the Basque accent is clear for foreignors to understand.

The Spanish Language School

Our partner school in Pamplona is located on the top floor of the city's prestigious medical school. Modernity meets old world beauty in the building, boasting everything from an elegant façade to a spectacular glass-enclosed restaurant, comfortable classrooms and a library equipped with free Internet access and Wi-Fi.

The school si just a 5-minute walk from Pamplona's central square, the "Plaza de Castilla," and neighbors the "Parque de la Medialuna," a beautiful park that you can see from the school.

The school facilities feature: 7 classrooms; elevator/ handicapped access; resource center with library; Wi-Fi and computers with free Internet access; offices/ reception area; café; film center; convention center holding 300 people in the building; roof terrace; air-conditioning and heat; and an incredible restaurant with a discounted 3-course lunch for students housed in a converted greenhouse.

When necessary, we also have a separate learning center to accommodate more students. Here you will find 5 more classrooms, a common area, a library, and film and multimedia rooms.

Minimum age to study abroad in Pamplona: 16 years old

Spanish Language Courses in Pamplona, Spain

  • Intensive & Super Intensive Spanish
  • Long Duration Course
  • One on One Spanish Course
  • Student Groups
  • Executive One on One Course
  • Spanish for Medical Professionals
  • Spanish for Engineers



Staying with a host family in Pamplona and participating in their day-to-day life is the best way to learn the language and discover Spain's culture. You will stay in a single or double room with either half or full board.

Student Apartment - Shared Flat

Enforex also has several apartments that we rent out exclusively to our students. Apartments are furnished and include a fully-equipped kitchen so you can prepare your own meals. You can choose between a single, double or triple room (double and triple rooms available when 2 or 3 students are traveling together). There is no meal plan available.

Cultural Activities

The staff at our Spanish school in Pamplona organizes a weekly activity plan, which will be handed out to you and your peers each Monday. Some of these activities may be free, while others involve a small charge to cover transportation and entrance fees.

The most frequent of these activities are: visit to the region's wineries; Spanish film night; social nights out to try tapas and enjoy city bars and restaurants; and free tours twice per week of Pamplona and its monuments.

Our staff will also be happy to provide you with information on Pamplona's points of interest and top spots, ranging from parks to cinemas, sports facilities, shopping, theaters and nightlife.

Come the end of the week, our school also plans excursions to diverse regional attractions. We commonly plan trips to:

  • Nature activities like hiking, climbing, potholing, canoeing or skiing
  • Medieval cities on the Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James), such as Estella, Olite and Puente de la Reina


  • Running of the Bulls
  • Great nightlife scene, thanks to university population
  • Incredible school building and Pamplona's best teachers

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