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High in the rugged Andes mountain range lies the land-locked country of Bolivia. It formed part of the great Inca empire until Spaniards swept in during the 16th century and conquered it in the name of the Spanish crown. The country as we know it today was founded in 1825 by the famous Simon Bolivar- hence its name.

Bolivia's population of approximately 9 million inhabitants is primarily of indigenous and mestizo descent. The juxtaposition of this population with colonial-era structures is a constant reminder of the repercussions of European imperialism. If you are at all interested in the history and reality of Latin American politics, the picturesque colonial city of Sucre is a wonderful study abroad destination.

Aside from the rugged terrain of the Andes, Bolivia boasts quite the slew of peculiarities. It has the highest capital city in the world - La Paz -as well as the world's highest navigable lake: Titicaca. In addition, discover incredible landscapes, rich cultural traditions and enigmatic ruins of its ancient civilizations.

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