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Characterized by its endless stretches of beach, glistening turquoise waters and colonial architecture - like that of capital city Santo Domingo -, the Dominican Republic is easily one of the Caribbean Sea's most magnificent nations. Situated roughly 600 miles southeast of Florida, the Dominican Republic takes up about two-thirds of island Hispañola and, following its discovery in 1492 by Columbus, historically served as a gateway to the Americas.

Well-known for breeding world-class baseball players, the Dominican Republic has also garnered fame for its diverse landscapes. In fact, while the country is a popular tourist destination, much of its terrain remains unspoiled and largely undiscovered. Hike the mountains, trek through lush jungles and semi-arid deserts, or simply bask in the warm Caribbean sun on white beaches.

Whether dancing to meringue rhythms with locals or exploring the island’s natural wonders, the Dominican Republic offers endless possibilities for visitors and locals alike.

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