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Nestled between Perú and Colombia on South America's Pacific coast is the small country of Ecuador.

However, for a small country Ecuador has a fascinating biodiversity- an aspect that lends to itself countless oudoor activities: whale-watching, kayaking, trekking, mountaineering, etc. Explore the lush tropics of the Amazon, colossal snow-capped volcanoes and everything in between.

The country's 12.5 million Ecuadorians - of mostly mestizo or indigenous descent - enjoy a mild climate and stable weather, which no doubt contributes to their friendly, hospitable attitude. In cities like Quito, Ecuador's capital, you're sure to ease into their pleasant way of life in no time!

If you're the culture-vulture type, Ecuador boasts endless archaeological treasures and the finest examples of South American Colonial architecture. Thrown in centuries-old indigenous traditions, such as intricate sheepskin paintings and pottery, sculpture, and gold and silver work, and you can see why Ecuador is an incredible study abroad destination.

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