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Covering some 5.6 million square kilometers, the United States is the world's fourth largest country. It boasts a fascinating diversity, not only in its people but in its traditions and landscapes.

From the tropical climates of Florida to the sub-arctic tundra of Alaska and from the lushest forests to the desert-like conditions of Arizona, it's undoubtedly a country that holds something for everyone. The traveler can easily choose the best destination for his/ her likes and needs. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even take a cross-country trip!

The USA's enormity and variety is also reflected in its many landscapes. Nature-lovers can choose from all sorts of natural wonders: the immense Great Lakes, the great Mississippi River, the rocky peaks of the Appalachian Mountains, or the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, which stretch from Mexico up through Canada and Alaska.

From the towering sky-scrapers of the so-called Big Apple to the sunny beaches of California, the country's cities are equally imposing and diverse.

Athletes will get a thrill out of the annual Boston Marathon, the world's most prestigious marathon held in and around the city of Boston.

Beach-lovers can get their fill of beach strolls and swims along the golden beaches southern California in the city of Santa Barbara.

If what you're really looking for is to discover lesser-known but equally exciting places, visit the laid-back and quiet city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

The United States never fails to impress and surprise the visitor. Get ready to discover this endlessly fascinating country!

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