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Maori legend goes that one day the demigod Maui caught a huge fish in the deepest depths of the sea and that fish became New Zealand. This beautiful legend perfectly illustrates the profoundly magical and marine nature of the country.

New Zealand consists of two large islands: North Island, where you'll find the capital, Wellington, and South Island, whose capital is Christchurch. North Island is more populated and South Island is rich in majestic landscapes and natural parks.

Isolated from the rest of the world, New Zealand has preserved an astoundingly high number of species both flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else, making it one of the most exotic islands on the planet. Proof of this exoticism are animals that maintain their Jurassic form like the Tuatara, family to both lizards and snakes.

Apart from its impressive, exotic natural areas, New Zealand encompasses equally beautiful urban centers. The city of Auckland, world famous as the city of sailing, easily attracts any type of traveler. Set on a thin strip of land surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, this city is the delight of those who like water sports. Apart from its beautiful landscape, Auckland is a very cosmopolitan city with an exciting nightlife. Art lovers shoudn't miss the Auckland Museum, which holds a fascinating collection of Maori works.

Travelers looking for thrills can experience an Antarctic storm in the International Antarctic Centre of beautiful Christchurch... and exit to the sunny, bustling life of this nocturnal city with thousands of clubs to have a blast with your new international friends.

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