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Think Malta; think Mediterranean. This strategic enclave between Italy and Africa with a colonial British past is an island where Western and Eastern cultures and traditions converge in a rich mix of people and architecture. The island's heterogenous past is reflected in everything from British telephone booths to the ruins of ancient civilizations.

This combination of the English language in a Mediterranean setting makes Malta one of the preferred destinations for foreigners to take an English course.

St. Julian's, an old fishing port set next to Malta's capital, La Valetta, is a bustling tourist center where you can enjoy the endless energy typical of Mediterranean cultures.

For those who seek refuge in natural landscapes, Malta holds fascinating historic and archeological sites, some even older than the Great Pyramids of Egypt such as the city of Hagar, which dates to the Copper Age and is possibly the oldest city in the world.

If you're interested in water sports, this island offers the ideal climate and imperceptible tide to take on any maritime pursuit.

The island of Malta is accompanied by neighbors Comino and Gozo, the latter famous for the cave of Calypso where Ulysses remained trapped. So don't say we didn't give you fair warning... careful or you too may fall in love with this island and never look back!

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