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    Canada is the second largest and northernmost country in the world. Canadian culture is founded on 3 important societies: the Indigenous, the British and the French. It's a country in constant transformation as its native elements mix with those of foreign cultures.

    Although Canada is similar to its neighbor, the United States, it also holds many original traits that make it unique. The variety of ethnicities in Canada's main cities parallels the country's own natural diversity. Canada is much more than Niagra Falls!

    Toronto is defined by its dynamic character. The city is considered the hub of English-speaking Canada and hosts many national events.

    Vancouver boasts an extremely ethnically and racially diverse population. Its pride is Stanley Park, an inmense green space in the heart of the urban life. Those interested in Asian culture will delight in Vancouver's Chinatown, home to the second largest Chinese community in North America and whose buildings are incredible replicas of oriental architecture.

    Travelers with a cowboy spirit shouldn't miss Calagary's "Estampida" festival, the perfect pastime for rodeo-lovers. It's a rare opportunity to witness cart racing, bull riding and lassoing, barrel racing and many more events... a true spectacle!

    French-speaking Montreal is the country's cultural pride, a place where all kinds of communities mingle and whose openness is appreciated the world over. The city's World Music Festival, graced by outstanding international musicians, is a must-see for music lovers.

    Ottawa is Canada's captal and 4th largest city, but it's also one of the most beautiful and laid back cities in the country. Where diversion is concerned, Ottawa offers many activities year round. Some of the most famous are the Tulip Festival in springtime, the festivities of Canada Day in the summer and the Winterlude carnival in winter.

    Quebec is widely considered one of the world's most picturesque cities. Rich in history and tradition, its old city walls, restaurants and cafes exude European character. It's the perfect destination for francophones.

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