Italian Language Courses in Milan & Venice, Italy

About Milan and Venice, Italy


Study Italian in Milan

Milan is Italy's second largest city, with the most developed industry and economy. When you take an Italian course here, you'll have the opportunity to meet Italians from all over the country as well as people from all over the world. Milan is a city that never sleeps. There are a a plethora of restaurants, clubs, bars, charming cafes, along with famous monuments like the world famous "La Scala" opera house, the Cathedral and other sights of great interest.


Study Italian in Venice

Taking an Italian course in Venice means discovering one of the world's truly unique cities; a city where travel is only possible by foot or boat and whose enchanting, romantic buildings and landscape immediately cast a spell over any visitor.

The Italian Schools in Milan and Venice

Our Italian schools in Milan & Venice are highly specialized in teaching Italian language and culture. The schools work diligently all year round to offer a wide array of courses to speak to the varied needs of students in a friendly, professional atmosphere.

The prestige and success of the school is due in large part to the enthusiasm and dedication of the teachers, their effective teaching method and the quality of other student services at the school.

Italian Language Courses in Milan and Venice

Standard Italian Course (Milan)

  • Program: 20 lessons of 50 minutes each per week
  • Levels: from beginner to advanced
  • Students per class: maximum of 12
  • Minimum age: 17 years old

Intensive Plus Italian Course (Milan)

  • Program: 20 group lessons + 5 private lessons per week
  • Levels: from beginner to advanced
  • Other details: the same as the Standard Italian Course

Intensive Italian Course (Venice)

  • Program: 20 hours per week
  • Levels: all levels
  • Students per class: maximum of 12
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Details: possibility of afternoon course (see price page)

Super Intensive Italian 1 & 2

  • Course 1 : 20 hours of group class + 5 hours of private class per week
  • Course 2: 20 hours of group class + 10 hours of private class per week



Living with a family allows you the unique opportunity to become integrated in teh Italian culture and way of life. You can choose between a double or single room and breakfast or breakfast and dinner.

Shared Apartments

By choosing this option, you will stay in a shared apartment, double or single room, sharing the living room/ dining room, kitchen and bathroom with other students. Your flat mates may be international students from the school, Italian students or the owner of the apartment.

Cultural Activites

It is of the utmost importance that you have fun while studying Italian, and for this reason the schools plan a weekly activity calendar. Both from Monday to Friday and on weekends there will be opportunities to explore the city its surroundings. Milan and Venice hold countless palaces, museums, churchs and cafes; you'll be studying in the most important centers of architecture, painting, sculpture and fashion.


  • Cities with a rich historic and cultural heritage
  • Internationally prestigious schools
  • Extensive cultural activities and social program

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