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Study Italian in Florence

Florence is a must-see stop for any lover of the arts. The Tuscan capital is the epicenter of all things Renaissance, still fresh with the memory of geniuses like Dante and Michelangelo, doted with millions of pieces of art that manifest the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of humanism, among them the most beautiful artistic creations of all time.

The Italian School in Florence

This school is located in the city center, with all sights of interest within a short walk.

For the past 30 years students here have enjoyed not only the best professionals in teaching Italian as a foreign language, but also fully equipped, spacious classrooms with air conditioning, a student room, a computer room with free Internet access and a language laboratory.

Italian Language Courses in Florence, Italy

Standard Italian Course

  • Program: 20 lessons of 45 minutes each
  • Course duration: minimum of 1 and up to 52 weeks
  • Levels: from beginner to advanced
  • Students per class: maximum of 12
  • Minimum age: 16 years old

Intensive Italian Course

  • Program: 30 lessons of 45 minutes each
  • Levels: from beginner to advanced
  • Other details: the same as the General Italian Course

Intensive Plus Italian Course

  • Program: 20 group lessons + 5 private classes per week
  • Levels: from beginner to advanced
  • Other details: the same as the General Italian Course



Living with a family allows you the unique opportunity to become integrated in the Italian way of life. You can opt for a double or individual room, as well as choose between breakfast only or breakfast and dinner.

Shared Apartments

This option consists of a double or single room while sharing the kitchen, living/dining room and bathroom with other students in the house. Your flat mates may be international students from the school, Italian students or the apartment owner.

Cultural Activities

There are so many ways to learn Italian outside the typical classroom setting. For this reason, the school offers a varied activity program designed for you to practice your Italian, get to know other students and enjoy Italian culture.

Many of the activities take place during the week after school and present you the perfect opportunity to get to know other students. Some will be at the school and others, trips around the city where you will have to pay transportation and entrance fees. The monthly activities program is always different and you'll always have ample free time to explore Florence and the surrounding areas as well.


  • Possibility of taking art classes in the afternoon
  • Excellent location in the center of the city
  • Perfect for students of all ages

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