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English Summer Courses in the UNITED STATES

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From the traditions and history of the east coast, where you'll find some of the oldest cities and universities of the country, to the west coast with its beautiful beaches, the United States is a country characterized by geographical, cultural and historical diversity.

Here you can discover infinite plains and enormous mountain ranges; the tropical islands of Hawaii and the magnificent glaciers of Alaska; the beaches of Florida and the ski trails of Colorado; the historic buildings of Boston and Philadelphia and the modern skyscrapers of Chicago and Los Angeles. There's no doubt that the United States is a country with everything in which everyone can find their ideal destination.

Furthermore, the history of immigration, which began on a large scale in the 17th century, has created a fusion of cultures where people from around the world can feel welcomed and at home. Given its large size and numerous cultural and historic attractions, the USA offers a wide range of diverse experiences, all of which are wonderful for learning and practicing English. We have selected several emblematic cities for our young students; choose yours and we'll see you there!

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