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Study German in Austria

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Austria is located in Central Europe, and it is one of the most envied countries. There are a few reasons for it: its history, art, welfare status... a country in which you can be an Emperor or a bohemian, a nation full of places to get lost in. From the imperal Viena to the typical Tyrol, there are many wondeful routes that seem to be part of a fairy tale.

Nowadays, Austria is one of the most cherished destinations for tourists from all over the world. but it is not only a country that has prospered due to tourism: it is also a highly industrialized country and a cultural power. Musicians like Mozart or Strauss, painters like Klimt or Kokoschka, philosophers like Wittgenstein, and even engineers like Porsche were born in Austria. there is no doubt that the country has an atmosphere in which all sort of disciplines, and systems of art and wisdom flourish.

It is clear that this is an unrivaled setting in which to learn the German language, for the student will know all sorts of people and live all kinds of experiences that will also enrich his personal life. Now is the time to travel to Austria and learn German with one of our programs!

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