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As one of the four regions that comprise the United Kingdom, Scotland - capital city Edinburgh - is located in northwestern Europe and shares a border with England. The rest of its borders are shared with bodies of water: the North Channel of the Irish Sea, which separates Scotland from Northern Ireland, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Edinburgh is the welcoming capital city of Scotland as well as probably one of northern Europe's most beautiful cities. With marvelously diverse landscapes, the most popular image of Scotland for travelers are the so-called "highlands and islands" of the country. The people of Scotland are very proud of their culture; in addition to old traditions still celebrated today, the country is a mecca of art, literature and music. Its love of culture manifests itself in all sorts of festivals, above all the famous summer festivals that draw in folks from around the world.

Full of culture, nature and character, Scotland is without a doubt an attractive destination for youngsters who want to improve their level of English while experiencing a new place. Click on the link for more information, and prepare yourself for an experience you'll never forget!

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