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Summer Courses in Italy

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Thanks to its culture and its language, the peninsula of Italy is without a doubt the best place to study Italian. Birthplace of art and culture and with hundreds of years of history, Italy's cities bear witness to the country's rich and unique legacy. The country is brimming with great works of art and famous historical monuments; in fact, it has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country.

Along with monuments from throughout history, Italy is famous for its cuisine, its museums and its diverse landscapes. When you study Italian with one of our language programs, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice Italian while discovering the most famous dishes, the most spectacular scenery, the most incredible monuments and works of art that the rest of the world can only admire in books. Believe us: it's impossible to visit Italy once and not want to return.

If you want to learn Italian, it's only logical to want to spend some time studying the language and experiencing all that makes it special: nature, art, fashion, architecture, literature, history and endless things more. Discover it all with us!

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