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Ireland, located northwest of continental Europe and surrounded by a multitude of tiny islands, is a country famous for its vibrant personality, its many cultural activities, its spectacular coastlines, its captivating towns and its verdant landscapes.

The culture of Ireland is a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity. The Irish language is still conserved, particularly in the western part of the country, while Irish music enjoys worldwide populartiy, typical Celtic iconography can be found throughout the world and Gaelic football is the country's most pouplar sport. However, these traditional aspects of Ireland coexist harmoniously with more modern and international aspects: pop music, major football and rugby teams, modern cities, large universities, etc.

If you want to study and practice English and the Irish culture is calling your name, we assure you that Ireland will not disappoint. In addition to the English language, you will be surrounded by spectacular scenery, picturesque towns and welcoming people that will make you feel right at home. With Enfolang you can study in a variety of destinations, a mix of towns and cities, that we consider to be both representative of Ireland and ideal for studying English.

Get ready for the spectacular landscapes, the fascinating cultural events and the charming cities of Ireland. Not only a great vacation spot, Ireland is also the ideal place to take a summer English course. Endlessly enchanting, what makes Ireland really stand out are its awesome landscapes and the welcoming attitude typical of the Irish.

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