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Located northeast of Spain, France is one of the most popular tourist destination thanks to its climate, its wonderful culture, its gastronomy and its high quality of life.

France is one of Europe's largest, most advanced and most prosperous countries, not to mention one of the most influential countries on an international level. It's also the world's most-visited country, a fact that doesn't surprise anyone when we take into account its magnificent architecture, famous cuisine, long history, magnificent museums and its enviable lifestyle.

From the romantic streets of Paris to unknown towns throughout the countryside, the diversity of France's cities means that each destination offers a totally different experience; every single person can find just the type of place they seek. The diversity present in the cities is also reflected in the marveous landscapes that range from the snow-capped mountains of Haute-Savoie to the rocky coastline of Normandy, the picturesque green hills of the interior, and the beaches and Mediterranean countrysides of the famous French Riviera.

If you want to study and practice French in France, we offer a selection of the prettiest and most interesting cities. There's an ideal city for everyone, so choose the city that most appeals to you and sign up today!

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