General Information - Summer Study Abroad Language Courses


Study abroad for junior

Almost all of our programs for juniors take place in international language schools.


The academic centers offer a minimum of 6 to 10 levels, ranging from the most basic up to advanced and professional.

Depending on the selected program, students with reside either with a host family or in a student residence. To ensure their cultural and linguistic adaption, we guarantee that no more than one Spanish-speaking student will be placed in a single family.


All of the programs feature the constant presence of local and/or Spanish counselors. For certain programs, a Spanish counselor will accompany students on their flights to and from the destination.

Program Dates

For programs in which students come and go as a group (4 or 8 week duration), the departure date will be at the end of June or beginning of July, and the return date will be scheduled for the end of July. The dates will be confirmed one month prior to the date of departure (except for Ireland), but are susceptible to changes due to flight conditions. The rest of the programs follow timetable outlined by their respective academic centers.


All of the programs include transfers from and to the airport, with assistance provided by local or Spanish counselors.

Medical and Accident Insurance

By registering for a course with Enforex, you must also sign up for insurance, which cannot be deducted from the cost of the program. All students travel with individual medical and accident insurance for the duration of the program.

Cancellation Insurance

You may sign up for optional cancellation insurance to guarantee the full or partial return of the course costs (dependent upon insured quantities).

Airline Tickets

With the exception of those programs for which it states otherwise, the airline ticket is included in the program price. For all programs except Ireland, students will take regular scheduled flights following the schedules specified by our travel agency. All departures, with the exception of some programs, will leave from Madrid.

Official Holidays

The schools will not hold classes on official holidays observed by each country and/ or region, for which no refund or discount will be provided

Excursions, activities and sports for juniors

Excursions & Activities

All programs include full-day and partial-day excursions, as well as various extracurricular activities. Excursions can vary or change if the academic center sees a reason.

Final Documentation

Prior to their departure, all students will receive an informational packet including: the name, address, contact person and telephone number of the academic center; accommodation information; registration and payment confirmation by the school; medical and accident insurance contract and coverage; and additional materials.

Non-Madrid Residents

Program documents for any student not residing in Madrid and without program representation in his/ her city will be sent to the student via fax or mail. The informational packet will be given to the student either through local branches of Enforex or through a courier company. Enforex will pay for the courier service (except to addresses outside of Spain).

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