Study English in Professor's Home

Learn English in a Professor's Home

Learn English at Professor's Home

A unique concept especially designed for young people who want to stay with a family where a member of that family is a teacher. The student will have the opportunity to share their classes with 2 or 3 students of other nationalities.

Studies have shown that studying in the home of a professor is the most effective way in which to learn another language. Families are carefully selected in order to offer the best opportunity to students both in terms of teaching and as a host family. They are also selected in their ability to offer different activities of interest to the student during their stay.

The program, 2 or 3 students of different nationalities will live together, whether that is in the same family from whom they will receive classes or living with a different family from the one they receive classes. In the event that dates and English levels do not coincide with another international student, then in some cases there may only be one student.

Participant Ages

14 - 17 years old

Dates & Duration

2, 3 or 4 weeks between June 30 and July 28

Program Location

The families that house our students are located in small cities in the counties of Kent or Essex, where are students will feel very comfortable.


The course includes 15 hours each week, 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Students must have studied English for at least 2 years in order to participate in the course.


Students will be welcomed into the family and will be treated like any other family member. Rooms can be double or single rooms on a full board basis. Every effort is made to ensure that the family has children of the same age as the students, however this cannot be guaranteed.

Activities, Sports & Excursions

Those students who are motivated to improve their English will note significant progression through this program in comparison to studying in a traditional academic center as they will not have the opportunity to speak in their native language at any time during their stay.

Equally, students will have no time to be bored as families will involve them in all of their daily business as well as offering them a variety of different fun activities that will help them to integrate with the family and other members of the community. Students will also be able to get to know the area in which they are staying.

Local Organizers

The course has a network of local organizers which supervise all the details of the program from beginning to end. The student can also be assured that their local organizer will be available to assist them regarding any questions or problems which may arise and the coordinator may resolve the issue by telephone or visit the student's host family, as required.


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