Summer Courses in Switzerland



Study french in Switzerland

Located in the western part of Europe and sharing borders with Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein, Switzerland is a country that has all the contrasts of an entire continent in just one spectacular country.

It has three main linguistic and cultural regions: the French region, the Italian region and the German region. This makes Switzerland a country of great cultural wealth as well as a perfect place to study French, Italian or German. For our language students, we have selected cities we consider to be both ideal of studies as well as representative of their respective regions.

The famous landscapes of Switzerland are truly spectacular and provide a wonderful environment for our students. It's characterized by the magnificent Alps, a mountain range that covers almost two thirds of the geography of the country, along with beautiful valleys, green pastures and vast lakes in which you can see the marvelous nature around them reflected in the still water.

With a diverse and international atmosphere, an endless list of attractions, one-of-a-kind cities, incomparable scenery, opportunities to participate in all sorts of outdoor activities and much more, Switzerland is a marvelous destination for language studies. If you want to learn Italian, French, German or English while discovering Switzerland's natural and cultural treasures, our language programs can help make your dreams come true!

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