Summer English Course in San Diego, California, USA

Summer English Course in San Diego, USA

study in San Diego

This beautiful, modern and clean city of 1,223,400 inhabitants attracts citizens from all over the world with its nice climate, sunny skies, riveting beaches and peninsulas.

The weather is warm all year long, which enables you you to practice most sports in any given season. This makes it a very attractive destination in which to study English in the state of California.


14 to 18 years old

Course Dates & Duration

June 29 to July 27 (4 weeks)

Academic Center

The center was founded in 1971 as a private school for teaching English. Located right in the heart of San Diego, its facilities include classrooms, a language laboratory, a computer lab and a student lounge.

Course Characteristics

During the first 3 weeks of the course, the student will receive 20 lessons per week in international groupings of 8 students maximum. All students will take an obligatory level test on the first day to determine each student's English level and corresponding course level. Each lesson is equivalent to 45 minutes of class.


A city that offers so many options has allowed us to organize a program that combines English classes with a touristic route. The program consists of 4 weeks, 3 of which are held in San Diego. The fourth week students will go on a tour to visit the main tourist attractions.

During the "Touristic Week" the students will be accompanied by an English teacher, for the students will have to do a daily "workshop" to be evaluated by the teacher.

The final course certificate will be handed out at the end of the "Touristic Week" and the evalution will consist of the first 3 weeks of classes and the workshops developed during the last wek of the course.


Carefully chosen American families situated in the city's best residential neighborhoods. The student will have his/ her own room and be provided with breakfast and dinner. The mid-day meal (included in the price) will be eaten with the counselor in different establishments located in the school's immediate surroundings. During the final week of travel, students will stay in hand-picked hotels.

Activities & "Touristic Week"

For the first three weeks, all activities take place during the afternoon and are organized by the counselors. Examples include: Balboa Park, beach volleyball, Del Mar, etc.

During the final week, students will travel the following route, or "Touristic Week"

  • Disneyland
  • Universal Studios
  • Santa Monica & Malibu
  • Los Angeles: Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood
  • Las Vegas & Grand Canyon


For the entire duration of the program, students will be accompanied by native English-speaking counselors as well as our own Spanish counselors.

Program Prices

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