Summer English camps, Massachusetts

NIKE'S CAMPS (with or without English lessons)

Study in Boston

Set on the northeast of the country, Massachusetts is one of the most representative states of the United States, and is where the towns of Milton and Easthampton. Milton is a small suburban city in the east of Massachusetts with less than 30,000 people. This community has breathtaking forests and landscapes, as well as a commercial development. Milton has been the scenario of historic events, and birthplace of numerous personalities. Easthampton, set on the west end of the state, has a population of less than 20.000 people, and offers a spectacle of lush nature. Easthampton has invested in urban development until it has become the dynamic and sustainable community it is nowadays.


  • Curry Camp (Milton): 10 to 18 years old
  • Williston Camp (Easthampton): 8 to 16 years old

Course Dates & Duration

Between 2 and 4 weeks

Starting dates:

  • Curry Camp & Williston Camp: June 30, July 7, 14 & 21

Ending dates:

  • Curry Camp: each Friday
  • Williston Camp: each Saturday

The last day of the camp is August 2 (in both camps)

Academic Center

The Curry and Williston campuses offer the students large classrooms, computer rooms and students rooms. Both campuses have large green areas, which include sports grounds and students residences.


The students at Curry will receive 2.5 hours of English class during the first week of the camp; the rest of the weeks will be occupied by the practice of their favorite sport during 6 hours each day. The students at Williston, nevertheless, will take part in the Multisport program, which consists of 3.5 hours of daily basketball, soccer and tennis practice, plus 2.5 daily hours of English class. The English classes and sports sessions take place from Monday to Friday. All students will have to take a level test at their arrival, which will determine their skill level on the sport of their choice. The students will be divided by age and skill level.


The students will be accommodated in double rooms and with a full board. There are common bathrooms on each floor.

Activities, Sports & Excursions

The program includes a varied program of sports and cultural activities. In the evenings, the students will have leisure alternatives like parties, paintball, laser tag and integration games. On weekends, the students will be able to join in excursions to Boston, and amusement parks like Six Flags or Charlie Horse. The students will be able to use their weekly credit of $100 or $150to take part in them.


From their arrival to the camp, students will have supervision and assistance provided by local counselors.

Program Prices

Curry Camp (1 week of English + sports)

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