Summer English course in Guildford, England

Summer English Course in Guildford, England


St. Catherine's School is located in the town of Guildford, just 30 minutes by train from London and in Surrey County. Even though it's a small city, ideal for younger participants, its city center offers top quality entertainment and shops. The school is located in a large area 8 kilometers from the center of the city.

Participant Ages

From 8 to 16 years old

Course Dates and Durations

July 12 to August 3 (3 weeks)

Academic Center

St. Catherine's School, a boarding school for English students during the year, is a magnificent school set on nearly 80 acres where students enjoy spacious classrooms, large dormitories, tennis courts, gym - athletic complex, grass fields for various sports and a pool.


Classes are held in the school and consist of 20 lessons per week in international groups of no more than 15 students.

Classes emphasize communication by using diverse teaching methodologies, such as working in pairs, role playing, theatre, etc. All teachers are highly qualified.

Students will take a required level test on the first day of class to determine their level of English and to place them in the correct learning group.


Students will be organized by age and sex in rooms of 2 to 6 students. The program includes full board every day of the week; for excursions, students will receive a packed lunch.

Local counselors also sleep on campus, thereby providing ongoing supervision and assistance.

Activities, Sports & Excursions

  • One full-day excursion per week
  • One partial-day excursion per week
  • Full program of daytime athletic and cultural activities
  • Full program of afternoon activities: movies, karaoke, disco, games, arts & crafts, etc. 7 days a week.
  • One entry to a local attraction per week

Football, Tennis or Basketball

Football: Specifically designed for our center by the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, this program is oriented to youngsters who want to improve their knowledge of English and their football skills. This program includes 12 hours per week of training given out by original trainers of Tottenham Hotspur.

Tennis: Taught by qualified professionals, the students will receive 16 hours per week of tennis lessons. The school has both open air fields as well as indoor facilities. Every Friday there is a championship at which the student may test his progress.

Basketball: The program is taught by the Guildford Heat basketball club, which since 2005 is present in the professional basketball league. The program, including 8 hours per week, is taught by ex-professional league players.

Spanish Counselors

The group that leaves from Madrid Barajas airport will be accompanied at all times by a Spanish monitor provided by Enforex. This monitor will remain with students throughout their stay in England and will return with the group to Madrid.


Other Destinations in England

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