Summer Family English Course in Canterbury, England


Estudiar en Canterbury

The small city of Canterbury has just over 40,000 inhabitants and represents a city that's small in population but big in terms of symbolic value for the British. The city is home to Canterbury Cathedral, the headquarters of the Anglican church, located in the historic city center in the heart of Kent. Kent is known as England's garden and the area surrounding the city has been heralded on numerous occasions for its outstanding natural beauty. Canterbury is also home to two universities with around 20,000 students in total.

This program is designed for families who wish to spend a few weeks learning English whilst also enjoying their holidays.

Participant Ages

  • Playtime Group: 5-8 years
  • Children's Group: 8-10 years
  • Young People's Group: 11-17 years
  • Adults: 18+ years

Course Dates and Duration

  • The program is carried out for any week between July 7 and August 25.
  • Arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday.

Academic Center

The school, recognised by the British Council, has been teaching English to international students for more than 30 years, so an education from them is guaranteed. The school is composed of two buildings which are strategically located in the city, with the main academic center being located in the city center. The other building which is used during the summer can be found at the University of Christchurch, located around 10 minutes walk from the city center. Both the buildings are located within 10 minutes walk of each other. Before the start of the course, each student will be informed as to which building they should attend.


Adults may choose between 15 or 25 English hours of class per week of either general English or business English. The general English program has a maximum number of 15 students, meanwhile the maximum number of students for the business English program is 6.

The Playtime group will have 15 hours of English classes per week; the Children group may choose between 15 and 20 hours per week; and the Young People's group will have 20 hours per week. Students from ages 8 to 17 may choose to follow the course with a varied and complete activity program which includes a full-day excursion.


There are two forms of accommodation:

  • Family appartments of 2 to 6 beds, located near the academic center for adults and young people.
  • Family houses of 3 to 7 beds, located in various areas of Canterbury.

Throughout the rest of the year, both of these types of accommodation are used to house students attending the University of Christchurch in Canterbury, and therefore they are of a standard style.

Accommodation is located between 20 and 30 minutes from the academic centers.

Activities, Sports & Excursions

The school has its own Activities Department that offers different opportunities each week such as visits within Canterbury as well as the surrounding areas and nearby cities. These activities can be booked by the family with the school itself, or can be undertaken by the family as they wish. Students in the Young People group have the option of taking the course with a program of activities and excursions as part of the price, which they will enjoy alongside other international students.


Other Destinations in England

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