Summer Language Courses in Montreal, Canada

Bilingual Summer Course in Montreal

Study english in Montreal

Charming and elegant, Montreal is Canada's second largest city. This safe and beautiful city was founded in 1642 and is home to one of the largest bilingual English-French communities on the planet. It's a cosmopolitan city that impeccably combines the charm of the old world and the emotions of the new, where the safety of its streets makes it a welcoming place for visitors from all around the world.

The city of Montreal is, without a doubt, an ideal setting in which bilingualism forms a part of the daily lives of its habitants and a perfect destination in which to practice either language.


13 - 17 years old

Course Duration & Dates

From June 29 - July 28 (4 weeks)
Departure and return with a Spanish counselor

Academic Center

Starting approximately 16 years ago, the school has maintained its reputation as one of Canada's most prestigious private institutions specializing in teaching languages. Recognized by the most respectable language associations, the school's summer center welcomes roughly 200 students from more than 15 countries. Students will enjoy large and luminous classes as well as common areas and Internet access. The main campus is located in the center of the city and is where students will return following afternoon activities.


The bilingual course in Montreal is designed for those students who want to practice both their English and Spanish at the same time. The program comprises 20 lessons of French/English each week from Monday to Friday (15 actual hours of class). All students will take a language level test on their first day to determine their level.


The student will stay with an English- or French-speaking host family, depending on the student's chosen combination. Students will have single rooms, though there may be another student - always of a different nationality - also living in the house. Students will have a full board meal plan every day of the week. Families live in peaceful residential areas, meaning students will get around by way of public transportation. A local transportation card is included and the traveling distance varies between 30 and 45 minutes.

Activities & Excursions

The program includes a diverse and entertaining program of activities to be held after classes: afternoons at the beach, a visit to the McCord Museum, a visit to the Notre-Dame basilica, an afternoon in the science center, swimming or kayaking, amongst others.

The program also includes four full-day activities:

  • Visit to Quebec
  • Visit to Montreal
  • Day at La Ronde Amusement Park

The students will also enjoy an after-dinner activity each week too.


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