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The University of Edinburgh was founded in 1583 by the city government and soon - in the 18th century - became one of Europe's top cultural centers. It is Scotland's most historic and prestigious university and one of the most important in the UK, after the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London.

English Courses at the University of Edinburgh

  • Intensive English
  • General English
  • Spoken English
  • Writing and Discussion in English
  • Advanced English Use
  • English for Literary Studies
  • English for Drama and Literary



Our families are carefully chosen to satisfy the needs of each student. Plus, living with a family will allow you to practice English and experience the local lifestyle. Many families are just a short walking distance from the school, while others are located on the bus route. This option includes a single room (unless another arrangement is requested), with a maximum of two students per family and never two students of the same native language. Towels and sheets are included, as is laundry.

Apartments on campus

We have some apartments for students located very close to the campus. There are apartments for 3, 4 or 5 people with single rooms and self-catering as well as apartments in which breakfast is included (ask about availability). Both include sheets and washer/dryer access; towels are not included. All apartments havea fully equipped kitchen and a common room.

Cultural Activities

The university is located in the center of Edinburgh, one of Europe's most historical cities yet also one of its most modern. It's famous for its August Festivals, for its castle and much more. Come explore and discover a country brimming with history, monuments, hills and landscapes.

The social program has been carefully designed so that the student can get an in-depth understanding of Scotland's culture and history. The program varies according to the course and the time spent in the university. It includes a series of activities and eventos throughout the week, during afternoons and evenings, as well as diverse tours through the city and its surroundings.


  • Study in one of Europe's most prestigious universities.
  • Located in the center of Edinburgh.
  • Possibility of enjoying the city's famous festivals.

Prices & Dates

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