High School Integration Program


Programa High School

What better way can there be of learning a language than making a full immersion, just as this program offers! The "High School Integration" program allows a total immersion in the English language, due to the fact that our students will attend school like every other student during the chosen time.

The value of this program resides in the fact that the students will not only learn the language, but will also expand their general knowledge through the study of different subjects.

Age of the participants

13 to 17 years old

Date and duration of the courses

4 to 16 weeks
The program takes place between September and June

Academic center

The student will follow the high school year in schools of Ontario, British Columbia or Alberta. The program takes place in public schools, which admit a limited number of international students, so the confirmation of the city will be determined by the availability of vacancies in each of the schools.


During the time in which the program takes place, our student will be yet another school student, and will attend classes of his/her corresponding school year. From Monday to Friday he will participate in all the classes*, as well as the sports program he chooses. Those students who wish to participate in this program must have, at least, an intermediate level of English. On weekends, the student will participate in activities organised by the Canadian host family as one more member of the family.

*The classes can be Literature, English language, Geography, Amths, Physics, Chemistry....


The student will stay with a host family, where he will be treated as one more member. The student will share the room with another international student, with one of the family's kids or maybe in a single room for himself, with full board. There will only be one Spanish speaking student per family. In many cases, the student will be able to walk to the school, but if the family is more than 20 minutes away, the transportation to the school will be included.

Local counselors

In order for the student to feel always safe, the program includes a local counselor who will supervise and help the student throughout his stay. The student will also have a contact telephone working 24 hours a day.


Other destinations in Canada

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