Academic Year in England, Ireland, United States and Canadá


Studying abroad during a year is an unforgettable experience for those students that, apart from learning English in its full extension and at an almost bilingual level, gives the student the chance of experiencing a full immersion in a different culture.

Traveling abroad is a marvellous and unique experience. Nonetheless, it can also produce some fear, and most of our students wonder whether they will like it, it it will turn out alright and even sometimes if they will survive the experience!

As an organization, we are here to free you from that uncertainty and assure that you enjoy this experience,get the best out of it, and, as a result, fulfil your ambition of becoming a better person. Our job is to guarantee your success, and our team of professionals is there to make sure that you get the best that every country and academic system can offer you.

From the moment you arrivem we are there to explain and describe your new way of life, learning and socializing with you. We will organize all that you need to adapt and participate in the life of your new country and, what's most important, helping you out in the process of integrating in your new surroundings.


The United Kingdom offers a culture rich in history and tradition and a high level of innovative and modern creativity. The UK combines great traditions with science and art, and has developed a diverse and vibrant culture which attracts all kinds of international students.

The United Kingdom is an exciting and cosmopolitan place to live. It houses historic cities like Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh, as well as contemporary and fascinating cities like Manchester, London or Liverpool. Apart from all that, you will also enjoy its famous green areas and parks.

Why study in a school in the UK?

The educational system of the UK is acknowledged and respected all over the world. Your education in the UK will be a solid foundation from where to build up your future, accelerating your future professional career and broadening your experience in life and culture. The UK institutions are some of the best in the world. Both schools and universities constantly show their strict criteria, a role model for many other countries.

A study program in the UK will enrich the student's life in many ways, not only in the academic one. The cultural, social, personal and educational environment should also be taken into account, and how it motivates the students to study, feel happy, make new friends and, endly, feel at home.

Ireland is known for its hospitality, beauty and tranquility, and is a very attractive option for any international student who wants to follow an academic year program. Literature is a permanent passion of this nation, which enjoys greatly the English language.

As a country, it is still reaping the benefits of the "Celtic Tigers" and is one of the most correct countries of the European Union. More than anything else, the Irish value the family life greatly, and that reflects in the quality of the host families and schools.

Why study in an Irish school?

Ireland is right to be proud of the quality of its schools, and of the number of students that get to university. It has one of the highest percenteages of finished academic studies and of students in university of europe. Even though academic excellence is a priority, schools also intend to develop other non-academic interests such as sports, personal development and other leisure activities. Any study program in Ireland enriches the student in different ways, not only academically; the cultural, social, personal and educational environment also counts, and how that environment motivates them to study, feel hapy, make friends and feel at home.

Ireland is known for its hospitality, beauty and tranquility, and is a very attractive option for any international student who is thinking about following a Study Abroad Program. Literature is a permanent passion of this nation, which enjoys greatly the English language.

The USA has traditionally been considered as the mix of people from all over the world, and that is true; the difference is that nowadays the American people are more conscious of their differences -cultural, religious, of habits and even languages- which contributes to make it a unique country.

The image that we have of the USA is, to a great extent, a product of TV, movies and literature; but that is only a part of its image. Life in the US is just like anywhere else -family, customs, happenings, joys and problems that we all live everyday. This is why a program in an American secondary school is realizing that we all live the same life, but with our differences.

Why study in an American school?

American education is known to be progressive and innovative, and this coexists with tradition and the community life of our secondary schools. Whatever it is your choice, with your effort and enthusiasm, and our personality and experience, you will be able to triumph and achieve your goals by learning and living a unique experience, which is possible in the USA.

Canada has a reputation of being a country with cultural diversity and tolerance, and has a long tradition in welcoming foreigners and making them feel at home. With its properity and diversity it is ahead of the most modern countries because of its multifaced geography and its multicultural towns and cities.

With a population much lower than the USA, it offers great opportunities for those looking for a challenge, without a doubt. Its educational system and academic facilities are the best in the world; an ideal destination to study abroad.

Why study in a Canadian school?

Canada is always on the highest positions in the world eductaion ranking, and is known for its high living standards, as well as being one of the most multicultural countries out there. Its educational system is one of the best,a nd the accent is also very easy to grasp.



  • Private schools for "Preparation School": 8 to 13 years old
  • Private schools (Day-school or Boarding): 13 to 18 years old
  • Public boarding schools: 13 to 18 years old
  • Public day school: 16 to 19 years old


  • Public / State schools: 12 to 18 years old
  • Private boarding schools: 12 to 18 years old
  • Private schools for "Preparation School" (boarding): 10 to 12 years old


  • Private schools (Day-school or Boarding): 13 to 18 years old
  • Public day school: 13 to 18 years old


  • Public day school: 13 to 18 years old
  • Private schools (Day-school or Boarding): 13 to 18 years old


Spain UK USA Ireland Canada
1º ESO Year 8 1º Year Secundary Grade 7 Grade 7
2º ESO Year 9 2º Year Secundary Grade 8 Grade 8
3º ESO Year 10 3º Year Secundary Grade 9 Grade 9
4º ESO Year 11 4º Year Secundary
o Transition Year
Grade 10 Grade 10
1º BACHILLERATO Year 12 5º Year Secundary Grade 11 Grade 11
2º BACHILLERATO Year 13 6º Year Secundary Grade 12 Grade 12


"Living with a family"
Living with a host family will give you a complete vision of how does another culture live, at the same time as it will make it easier for you to have a total immersion in the English language. As a member of the family, you will share their daily life with them and take part in the family activities. We carefully select the host families and the students to assure that this experience abroad is positive and successful. Furthermore, the host family will make you feel at home, and you will share experiences that will be with you forever. There is no "typical" host family: some are composed of a couple with children, others are one-parent families and others don't have children. You must be ready to integrate in whichever of these family structures, although we will try to find the best option, according to your necessities.

"Living at a school"
Boarding schools are an alternative to accommodation in a host family for those students who wish to integrate completely on their own in the school experience. The Boarding school offers a unique and ideal opportunity of living in a community for extroverted students who love sport and adapt easily. These schools offer a complete academic curriculum and extra-curricular activities which will help each student develop all their potential.


All courses are fully recogniseable by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education. The student will be oriented about the subjects he will have to follow, as well as the requirements. Enforex will take care of all the needed arrangements and steps toward the recognition of the program.


Your son will be assigned to a local counselor, who will be his contact for all kinds of support and orientation throughout the program. All our coordinators are experienced in the field of education and student exchange. They are familiar with the schools where your son/daughter will study, and the different cities where they'll live. They have been formed by our local staff and will keep regular contact with your child and the people in charge of the school. Besides the coordinator, our offices will be at your disposal for any help or support that your child need throughout the program. Our experienced staff is committed to supply the finest service for your son/daughter and the local agency, witht he aim of assuring a positive and greatly beneficious experience.


Tutelage means that we are responsible for the performance, assistance and behavior of the student both at school and in the host families. When a problem appears, our organization is in charge of fixing it. Furthermore, tutelage also includes organizing the transfers at the beginning and end of the program, short-term accommodation, obtaining the textbooks and uniform, and other administrative necessities of the program. These functions are carried out by the counselors and coordinators team.

In the school, all our programs include:

  • School selection
  • Payment of the fees for standard schools
  • Registration and in the school of your choice
  • Final school marks and documentation for the Ministry of Education
Our tutelages and support programs include:
  • Assistance and support of the local coordinator
  • Monthly reports
  • Orientation talk at the arrival to the country
  • Telephone contact for emergencies (24 hours 7 days a week)
  • Assistance obtaining visa permits
  • Arrival and departure transfers
  • Assistance with other possible transfers
  • Accommodation with a carefully selected host family or school's residence (not in all programs, please ask for more information)
Our boarding school program includes:
  • Accommodation ina dorm room
  • Full board
  • Accommodation with a host family during the official closing periods of the school's closing (mid terms, weekends)
Our host family program includes:
  • Single room
  • Half board from Monday to Friday (lunch not included) (only for some programs)
  • Full board on Saturday and Sunday

Nonetheless, the inclusion or exclusion of services will vary depending on the country and the program's modality. Please check with us about the option of your choice


The cost of the program varies depending on the country of choice and the type of school. Ask for prices.


Those students who wish to live the experience of integrating in a school abroad for less than an academic year can take the option of completing an academic trimester. The program will take place during the first trimester of the course and only possible with the host family accommodation option.


Contact our counsellors!