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About Moscow, Russia

Study Russian in Moscow

Moscow, the magnificent capital, is surrounded by hills and divided by the Moscova River. The economic, political and cultural nucleus of the city, it is also a transportation hub for trains and a considerable number of airlines.

Moscow has undergone a dramatic transformation during recent yearse. Today it looks almost nothing like the drab capital of the Soviet Union. The city has also invested vast sums in renovating its beautiful palaces, reconstructing the cupulas of hundreds of churches, substituting out the red stars for the eagle and, above all, polishing up one of the most recognizable symbols of Moscow's renewed grandeur: the Christ the Savior Cathedral, which had been destroyed by Stalin.

About St Petersburg, Russia

Study Russian in St Petersburg

Thanks to its size and importance, St Petersburg is the second city of Russia and an extremely important nucleus of culture, history, science and industry. Located on the eastern extreme of the Gulf of Finland, country whose border is located just 159 kilometers away. St Petersburg extends along the banks of the Neva River and across 42 small islands that form its delta. It's the capital of the province of the same name, which extends from the borders of Estonia and Finland to the shores of the Onega River. It's a region known for its conifer forests, which are frequently interrputed by large cultivated areas where oats, potatoes and rye are grown.

Academic Centers

The school in Moscow is located in the center of the city, a short walk from the Belorusskaya Railway Station, where trains to Berlin and Varsovia depart. The nearest metro stop is Belorusskaya, a 5 minute walk away. The facilities are housed in a building that belongs to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The school is equipped with the latest technology (DVD, TV, Internet access, Wi-Fi...)

The school in St Petersburg is right in the center of the historic part of town, near the famous Nevsky Prospekt and just 300 meters from the Ligovsky Prospekt metro station. The school, located in a quiet neighborhood, occupies the fourth floor of a 19th-century building. Facilities include a library, a cafeteria, free Internet...

Russian Courses in Moscow & St Petersburg, Russia

General Russian Intensive

  • Program: 20 lessons of 50 minutes each per week
  • Course duration: 2 to 12 weeks
  • Levels: beginner to advanced
  • Students per class: maximum of 12
  • Minimum age: 18 years old

General Russian Intensive Plus

  • Program: 25 lessons of 50 minutes each per week
  • Course duration: 2 to 12 weeks
  • Levels: beginner to advanced
  • Students per class: maximum of 12
  • Minimum age: 18 years old



Carefully chosen for their openness to an international exchange and the comfort of their home. Eating and participating in local life you will discover customs and learn new phrases and expressions each and every day. This is the best option to practice what you've learned outside the classroom. You'll stay in an individual room and may choose to have breakfast or stay on a half board meal plan.

Student Apartments

Another option is to stay in a single room in an apartment shared with other students. Students share common areas (bathroom, kitchen, dining area, etc.) and therefore have plenty of opportunities to make friends.

Cultural Activites

The school organizes an interesting and diverse activity program, including welcome parties, guided visits to city attractions, weekend excursions...

Highlights - Moscow

  • Possibility of studying in the capital of Russia
  • Study in the country's oldest Russian institute
  • Get to know the Red Square and the Kremlin

Highlights - St Petersburg

  • Interesting cultural activities
  • Impeccable teaching quality
  • Excellent school location

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