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Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia's "Sunshine State" famous for its incredible weather and natural beauty. Set on the Brisbane River, this is an exciting and dynamic city whose inhabitants enjoy the outdoors. Parks, cultural centers, typical wood houses and an abundance of markets with fresh produce are just some of the lovely characteristics that define Brisbane.

You can enjoy a wide variety of cultural and sporting activities like going to the beach or visiting forests just an hour from the city by car.

Brisbane is an excellent place to study not only for the quality our English courses, but also for the high quality of life you'll experience!

The English Language School

The school is located in the city center, nearby many shops and restaurants. It's just meters from the "Queen Street Mall" in the downtown area.

The building holds air conditioned classrooms, computer rooms with free Internet access and a students' room. Our English school is member of one of the industry's most prestigious language organizations.

English Language Courses in Brisbane, Australia

General English

  • Program: 20, 24 or 30 lessons of 50 minutes each per week
  • Course duration: minimum 1 and up to 50 weeks*
  • Starting dates: any Monday, all year round
  • Levels: from beginner to advanced
  • Students per class: maximum 14
  • Minimum age: 18 years old

* The duration of the course of 20 lessons are between 1 and 12 weeks only.

Business English

  • Program: 20 lessons of General English + 10 lessons of Business English
  • Levels: from intermediate to advanced
  • Students per class: maximum 14
  • Other details: the same as the General English Course

IELTS Preparation

  • Program:24 or 30 lessons per week of 50 minutes each
  • Duration: 4, 8 and 12 weeks
  • Levels: intermediate to advanced
  • Students per class: maximum 14



Staying with an Australian family and sharing their day-to-day life is the best way to learn the language and discover Australian culture. You will stay in a single room with two meal options: breakfast only or half board every day of the week.

University Residences

Depending on requests and availability, we may be able to house you in Brisbane's university residences, which are dispersed throughout the city. The majority of the time the accommodation will be an individual room.

Cultural Activities

ActividadesThe Activity Program consists of 3 categories of activities: cultural, social and sporting, organized by a dynamic team. Their goal is to make sure each student enjoys their stay to the fullest.

From Brisbane, it's easy to take trips to the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, as well as Moreton Bay. We recommend that our students visit the city's best museums: the Contemporary Art Museum, the Sciencentre and the Queensland Maritime Museum.


  • For programs 12 weeks and up, you'll have the option of legally working 20 hours/ week
  • Brisbane is much more affordable than Sydney
  • Highest quality teaching staff

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